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Most people can and will possess the ability to create a website. Some companies can boast about impressive designs they have created. While with us, it is about personal relationships with our client’s. And, we are honored to be a Go Daddy PRO Member listed on their directory of trusted people to assist with their vision to be on the internet. View my review with them below. 


About Me

Hello, I’m the WEBSITEDUDE everyone has been talking about.  I’ve Been Building Websites For WELL Over 16 Years!


My Vision

To provide responsive website design at an affordable price without skimping on quality nor detail that goes into our designs every time REGARDLESS of cost or size of project. each client deserves to be treated the same whether it to be a $500.00 project or a client with an unlimited amount to budget on one. We have seen and heard it all and now let us show you the difference.

I believe design is a process..

I prototype and iterate..

I design and build..

Customer Review
I find Sean very knowledgeable regarding computers, website, etc. He is very helpful in explaining the what, why, and how the technology works. He has created Grace Baptist Church website with links to all Social Media for feedback. Sean is willing to make any necessary changes we would like, as well as keeping our website current with activities. Sean has assisted our church with training regarding Social Media which was very informative and helpful to each individual. It is a pleasure to work with Sean..
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